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>> how are we doing, america is getting back to work. we have the latest job report. is it about speed or safety? and there is little luxury that comes with a recall. we have certain lexus models, and we will tell you which ones. >> happy friday. jamie is on the go this morning, we will check in with him in a bit. in the meantime, we had better check in with the weather. this morning, we are starting off with the elementary school. we are minutes away from sun rise. we are 15 minutes away from sun rise, and we will start
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seeing the temperatures drop at that time. we are looking for some big heat over the weekend. it's 5:30, let's go to the roads with kim. >> good morning. we are starting off with a quiet start. good luck if you are in your holiday travels. we have no problems here on the beltway. here on the topside, we have very little problems this morning on the beltway or in any area this morning.
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there are signs that the economic recovery could be stuck in neutral. the jobs are front and center this morning on this morning's report. it's the current economy from wall street to main street. we have john with the report. >> reporter: the economists are snapping a 5 month restrain. it's not the recovery of the economy, it's the epitome of failure. the obama administration has told us they have shung from 6.4% i have bills to pay.
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i have the home, the gas, the lights, and i have a daughter at home. it's a big deal, and i need the money to pay my bills. it's part of the critical spending. the employment and the housing sales remain slug -- sluggish. small businesses in particular continue to maintain the growth. i think they are frustrated. i think they are scared. the white house is making the case if they pass the financial reform plan, they won't be able to cover in a crisis like this again. >> if you are out of work, check out our website.
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we have some tips to find a job and a way to make the resume stick out. click on money, and then get back to work. this morning's consumer's alert, toyota is recalling 200 cars nationwide. the lexus sedan, and the flaws in the valve springs can call vehicles to fall. byrd died monday and he will be buried tuesday in oklahoma. lawyers were holding argues that the votes on the
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council can't be used as estled for the buy -- evidence for the bribery or inaudible] ] evidence, and holton is still part of the trial. he has already chosen his running mate for montgomery's county's campaign. smith calls the prospect of the candidate magical, but they also have this to say. it's all in the margin's though. if they can continue
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through the maryland county, then with we would run through the pe riff corrals of -- prif corrals -- periphals of the county. it's 5:36. it's hard to admit, but 8-1, sweeney, took the [ inaudible ]]. they took four of the series home, and half of them in
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baltimore. details on that next. and animals are having problems with the heavy rains in iowa. we are going to move it to justin for your forecast. >> we have some 50s outside of the beltway, but we are going to make a run for the heat wave. let's go to mta. thank you, justin. we have a few bus delays out there. we have the 120 commuter bus 15 minutes late. 64 of the [ inaudible ] buses, hanover and [ inaudible] ]. for the [ inaudible ] transit team, i am curt
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>> any of you heading out to the beach, we have the forecast for you. right now, 65. partly cloudy skies, and even by the own waterways and we are looking west there, we have guaranteed highs this afternoon, and we should this all the way through to the sun
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set time. 5:41, let's check in with kim and traffic. >> >> we have no major problems . linda is in the studio, and we have the latest details on the top stories. good morning, linda. >> good morning, the baltimore cops and fire department is not happy. what they are going to take to
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about 15 minutes away from 6:00 this morning. the men and women who protect our city streets are very angry and now they're taking their message to the streets in protest. abc 2 news linda is here to explain. >> megan, this isn't the last
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of it. city cops and firefighters are vowing to protest all summer long. they're angry about changes to their pension system. about two dozen of them showed up at a fund-raiser for councilman bill kohl last night to make their voices heard. starting yesterday, changes to the police and fire pensions went into effect. they were recently voted through by council members and the mayor to save the city millions of dollars. police and firefighters now have to pay more into their pensions and many will have to wait 20 years, not 15, to retire with full benefits. the two unions have filed a federal lawsuit to stop the changes. >> we waive gem some alternatives. they were realtistic. they decided to turn their back on them. maybe now they're having second thoughts. >> now, cops and firefighters say they will continue to protest at other city council events this summer. abc 2 news. >> baltimore county speed cameras are up and running. if you're driving too fast, you could face a $40 ticket.
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the county has announced 13 locations are in use joining two others that are already snapping your picture at dunn dac. >> people haven't learned to slow down. the cameras are constantly going off. >> we got a snapshot of the revenue already pouring in baltimore county. in just two months, the cameras caught more than 2400 drives. in the dundalk location, they flashed more than 600 times, a total of more than 3,000 citations which is over $12,000. congressman dutch rupeersburger is taking action after recent mishaps which left passengers stranded. today he plans to introduce a commuter's bill of rights. at the bwi station. he says that the bill will require public transit operators to provide food, water and other necessities on
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a disabled train and submit an emergency plan to the department of transportation. a consumer hot line will also be created. the 4th of july weekend is here. that means a lot of celebrations will be going on. no doubt about it. in case you indulge too much alcohol, the tipsy taxi service is ready to get you home safely. the initiative starts tonight. it runs through the 4th of july from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. now, keep in mind they only provide a free ride to those who have been drinking at a bar or restaurant in baltimore city. the number to call is 1-877- 963-taxi. abc 2 news is working for you. putting together a sampling of fireworks displays around the region this holiday weekend. yesterday, we ran down the july 3rd shows. today we look ahead to the 4th. so, queue the music. starting of course with the inner harbor. also, annapolis city. oregon ridge, the columbia
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lakefront, the carroll county farm museum in westminster. the rockdale park in bel-air. and other july 4th shows at fullerton park, lock raven academy and at the memorial park. last but not least, one big bang to wrap up the holiday weekend is the display july 5th in baltimore county. if you would like a complete list of all of the fireworks displays and some great links, have it all posted for you. just go to click on the lifestyle tab at the top of our home page. >> announcer: now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> that little thing you hear before we come up to the weather sounds like a torse to us. we may be toasted next week as we build back another heat wave. i thought we were done with it. we were hoping we were done with it. after 11 days in a row of 90
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degree temperatures, 16 days in the month of june above 90 degrees. june of last year, we had none. we're making up for lost time here. we may do it again as we head through the month of july. nice break this morning. because it is really going to come back in full force as we head into the holiday weekend. good air quality. enjoy this. high pressure in control. virtually cloud-free skies with the exception of the band we had overnight. sliding its way to the eastern shore. the northerly flow. it is basically still a nice weather pattern today. we start shifting everything over the weekend. quick peek at what's happening across the gulf. alex is really winding itself down dumping heavy rain across central mexico, still providing this tropical feed along the gulf coast states. that continues to keep them choppy waters and also with some heavy rainfall. as far as we're concerned, a different story for us. we're watching the heat wave beginning to build. we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. 83 is our 2 degree guarantee today. a few degrees below normal.
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temperatures actually just barely at 80 in westminster. about 81 in parson. you should make it up into the middle 80s again. any clouds should get out of here in a hurry. you're looking for a sunny afternoon. good weather out toward the beaches. 58 degrees overnight. that's good stuff. tomorrow, we're back to 89. then we slowly start building things. the humidity stays in check through sunday. 4th of july festivities all weekend long, great shape. 96 on sunday. then we go for 100 on monday. i hope you have yourselves a long weekend you don't have to deal with that stuff after the holiday because we'll stay in the upper 90s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the humidity builds in a small chance of late day storms. kim? >> justin, we do have police activity downtown baltimore. baltimore street right now is closed between calvert and south street for some police activity. so, if you're headed in that direction, you should probably avoid that intersection. you can use pratt street to get around the activity.
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also, in churchton, maryland, route 256 remains closed at muddy creek road for some downed poles and wires in the roadway. drive times looking good around 695 on the outer loop from bel- air to providence. five minutes this morning. 95 running without incident. 3 minutes from white marsh, no problems between the 83s. only one minute. as we look at the cameras, traffic moving very well. very light volume as you make your way southbound on the harrisburg expressway. not going to find any incidents to slow you up between mt. carmel road as you approach 695. stay with us. we have more of your news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland comes right back after this. hello, young man.
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maryland." check being this morning's top stories, it is billed as the world's largest vesle from the gulf of mexico but the massive ship isn't scooping up oil off the surface of the water just yet. the taiwanese company that owns a whale, that's the name of the skimmer says it is waiting for approval to begin work. national incident commander thad allen says that the vessel must first undergo some testing. workers trying to relocate a historic iowa gas station ran into some trouble, actually they ran into a bridge.
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look at this. the main part of the building cleared the overpass but the chimney didn't make it. crews eventually had to remove the chimney so it could take the building to its new location. a new clue could help lead to a virginia tech student's killer. >> a conviction then he has time he can do on a previous assault. so, we could have him locked up for a long, long time. >> the evidence virginia state police say that they have which links morgan harrington's murder to a 2005 assault case. and it is started with some tater tots and left one oregon man wondering if he was going to make it home alive. plus abc 2 news is on the go this morning. we're going to give you a preview of one 9-year-old whose golf game may be better than most golfers even twice his age. 5:56. good day to get out there and
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play some golf. sunshine, temperatures aiming for the 80s. upper 80s tomorrow. 4th of july brings us 96. aiming for 100 next week. another heat wave on the way. right now, let's get you on your way. kim brown with traffic. >> justin, a road closure in southern interim because of an overnight accident. also, police activity downtown has the intersection closed there as well. how that will affect your morning commute. i'll let you know when "good morning maryland" returns at 6:00.
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>> announcer: now, "good morning maryland"." >> a local protest this morning, baltimore city police and firefighters taking to the streets. what their complaints about change to the pension system. and you better go the speed limit or you're going to be caught on camera. where you could be extra cautious. we'll tell yo

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